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What We Doing

Established in 1987 under the leadership of Sh. P.C. Kapoor, Innotec India has positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturer of pre-treatment and post-treatment chemicals of metals, plastics,rubbers, sugar & textile along with the wide range of specialty chemicals.

We feel proud to share that we manufacture all our products with highest quality standards under stringent environment keeping in mind all the health & safety norms.Over all these years, Innotec India has been able to mark its presence and good reputation in the chemical Industry and it aims to take it at greater heights now.

We are so happy to share that our new products under ELITA brand are one of their kind and people are loving all of them because of exceptional quality concept along with the value for price each of them is providing as compared to the other brands.

Some Words

About Us

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.


Executive Staffs

We believe effective executive teams establish a vision for the organization and invest considerable time and energy at the strategic level.


Quality Products

Elita Cleaning Products are on of their kind as the quality is not only Top-Notch but its incomparable with other big brands in the market.


Innovation Solutions

As an experts of this industry we keep innovating & trying the new technology to manufacture new & the best quality products in the field of Cleaning.


Privacy and Safety

Our products are safe to use and have been manufactured keeping Safety in mind. Locally made in India is what make us feel proud, happy & help us to delight our customers.

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